The Work

Ko’s practice consists of layers; splicing disciplines and pairing unlikely mediums to explore the changing nature of our world. Ko’s work explores technological alienation, futurist philosophy and the changing nature of reality through immersive works, performances and rituals. Classically trained in fine arts with 20+ years of experience as a game and app developer, her practice builds on hybrid approaches to art; sculpture, video, sound, with reality-expanding technologies viewers can opt in or out of.

The result is a collection of objects, installations and live performances in which performers and audience straddle media, meaning, and worlds. eKo has collaborated with many creators and organizations, including MoMAR, Third Rail Art, Radiance VR, The Gene Frankel Theatre, CADAF, JCMAP, Every Woman Biennial, and Recess. She is a member of Crema Colletiva, Lumen Prize, and MoMA’s R&D Salons. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including in London, Mexico City, Tulum, Beijing, New York, and Berlin.

Her current passion project is an immersive XR rock opera, called “Sick Mystic 9 Saves the World from Monsters”.

Artist’s Statement

“Future and ancient, natural and artificial, seductive and scary; our strange and modern lives are driven by juxtaposition and synthesis. To live in the “now” is to live in a strange and surreal state of being. Reality has subsumed fantasy, life imitates art and vice-versa with a whole new level of intensity; together we ride this roller coaster feedback loop. 

Mediated Reality, Layered Reality, Transcendence Through Technology; if we believe ourselves separate, allow ourselves to split apart from each other and our own nature via lenses intensely curated by our own collective narcissism, where will the cult of the individual lead us? At what point does it end?

There is no such thing as science fiction; all our stories, dreams, beliefs are simultaneously true and entirely delusional.