The eKsOrcist of SM9

Sick Mystic 9 Saves the World from Monsters is the story of an east village band struggling to make it in a world fragmenting into confusion. As they work to create a Cosmic Rock Opera, a dark force known as The Black Lonely splits people apart, infecting everything via technology. The band must navigate a mysterious metaphysical pandemic and find a way to repair reality before it’s too late. But with their own struggles to make it in the music biz, can they triumph and heal the world? Will the same forces that threaten global public health and economic systems tear the band apart? Can the same technology that threatens to destroy us, help repair these unprecedented rifts?

Join Sick Mystic 9 on an epic journey in an experience that combines live music, XR streams, projections, and audience participation.   


 East Village Rock meets Cosmic Rocky Horror